Sale of Remnant Land

Some parcels of State land are incapable of independent development by virtue of their small size or irregular shape. These parcels are commonly referred to as “remnant land”.

Remnant land can sometimes be amalgamated with adjoining private lands to bring about an enhancement in land value. To optimise the use of these remnant lands, the Government may in suitable cases encourage or even require developers/owners to purchase a remnant land for amalgamation. The tenure of the remnant land will tie in with that of the adjoining private land.

If the remnant land adjoins only one property, it can be sold directly to the landowner. However, if the remnant land adjoins several properties and multiple owners are interested in purchasing the land, SLA will invite all interested owners to bid for the remnant land in a closed tender. The land will be awarded to the highest bidder whose bid is equal to or higher than the reserve price.

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Click here for the steps to purchase remnant land. The application be made using the prescribed form. The processing fee is $1,000.


The premium payable for remnant land is generally based on 50% of the full land value. This is determined by applying the factor of 5/7 to the applicable Development Charge (DC) rate.

The applicable DC rate is the rate as at the date of the Notice of Preliminary Terms and Conditions, offer, or closed tender (whichever is applicable) for sale of the remnant land.

However, in certain cases where the remnant land adds synergistic value to the adjoining parcel, the premium payable may be derived based on 50% of the enhancement in land value of the amalgamated site as assessed by the Chief Valuer, and the premium payable in such instances may be higher than that computed based on 50% of the full land value using the applicable DC rates